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Attention to detail. Commitment to safety. Unparalleled luxury. These are the principles which set BlueSky Jets apart from other aircraft charter services in Miami. Some are content flying a subpar service because they just want to get from point A to point B. Others would prefer to enjoy the ride and that’s why they charter a jet in Miami from BlueSky. If you’ve flown private before, you understand the importance of convenience when it comes to travel plans. BlueSky can assist with planning your trip in a number of different ways including ground transportation, in-flight catering, concierge and more to ensure your trip is as safe, comfortable and luxurious as possible. Flying private is for those who don’t have the time or energy to fight their way through a crowded airport and waste away the day standing in lines. Charting a jet through BlueSky is the only way to travel for those who don’t settle for less.

Private jets are the ultimate way to travel. There’s no topping the convenience, luxury and prestige that comes with boarding a private jet complete with amenities like Wi-Fi, HD televisions, a full galley, high quality leather seating and a whole lot more. At BlueSky Jets, you have the freedom to customize your flight for the best experience possible. Executive jet charters in Miami cater to your needs so you can focus on why you’re traveling, not how you’re traveling. BlueSky offers 24-hour service so we are ready to go whenever you are. Every seat is a first class seat when you charter a private jet in Miami through BlueSky so call today and book your trip with the best.