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Flat-Rate Pricing

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Welcome to Jets Flat Rate Pricing and the most transparent way to book a private jet anywhere in private aviation. Experience your own virtual, in house flight department, save thousands every time you fly and finally take the mystery out of booking a private jet.

Leave behind the days of trying to navigate various complex pricing models that fail to deliver what they advertise. This program eliminates the time wasted obtaining multiple quotes from brokers or mobile applications. It’s time to book with confidence, knowing that you own the best price.

So why did we create this program?

Our clients spoke and we listened. While our clients enjoy highest level of service and safety they also wanted a simple way to book a jet. They wanted a model that eliminated the mystery associated with a constantly changing landscape. So we responded by creating a program that could deliver just that.

Why it works!

We believe that booking a jet shouldn’t incorporate a back and forth negotiation. We empower our clients with a program that puts you in control. We ensure that our clients fly with the highest rated operators, on board the most sophisticated aircraft, with the most experienced pilots. Now clients of Blue Sky Logo Small can look past booking experiences cloaked in mystery and enjoy a simplified pricing model that delivers a time saving, cost efficient solution.

  • Pay one flat fee for the whole year!
  • Fly on the jet class of your choice! (Turbo, light, mid, heavy)
  • Enjoy whole sale rates each and every time you fly!
  • Experience true “one way” pricing!
  • Free Upgrades when available!
  • Free “empty legs” when available!

This is a limited time offer so please complete the sign up form below and we will contact you to answer any questions you may have.

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