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Some of the most popular jets in the sky are made by Learjet, a company instrumental in establishing the first private flights more than five decades ago. Although Learjet was purchased by Bombardier, another aircraft manufacturer, in 1990, the brand still produces short, midrange and long-distance aircrafts renowned for their luxury, style and technological features. Take the Learjet 85, a new model of aircraft just released in 2014. With a capacity of eight passengers and two crew, the Learjet 85 can travel up to 3,000 miles in a single flight. That means you can go from Miami to Los Angeles without stopping. The interior of a Learjet 85 looks more like a luxury hotel room than anything else. The sleek and futuristic designs are optimized for comfort and convenience so you can work, relax, nap or enjoy the company of your fellow jetsetters.

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